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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  December 10, 2010 4:30am-5:00am PST

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and i'm robert lyles. juliette goodrich h off. good morning everyone. sit friday, the 10th of december. it is 4:30. and there's a dense fog advisory on the bay bridge right now. and the wind shield wipers might be working overtime today. let's get right to the weather center. good morning. >> yeah, we are still looking at just a little bit of rain fall across the bay area if you felt big -- bay area, but the big story, dry weather on the way. we will take a look at the forecast in a few moments. for traffic this morning. >> thank you. yeah, live to look at the bay
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bridge toll plaza. you mentioned the fog advisory, and yes, hard to see the traffic as they approach the pay gates. we have a fog advisory issued by chp. just if the record bay bridge. also just want -- just for the bay bridge. and also, northbound 101, there was a power pole on fire. fire crews are out there now, no longer blocking lanes. we will have much more coming up. back up to you guys. >> all right. thank you. this morning, a school alert because of a suspicious man that. man recently tried to contact a 9-year-old girl who was walking home from grant elementary school on grant avenue. police say the man got out of his van near the school and was watching her when he rang her doorbell. that man is described as short with gray hair and wearing a blue jacket and blue jeans.
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he drove a gray older model- style van. he was parked near the girl's home and pulled into her driveway before ringing the doorbell. residents are on alert after reports of a mountain lion at a school. police believe a cougar and its cub are responsible for a dead deer found on the middle school field. the car cuss was discovered -- the animal was found i didn't do morning. police are stepping up patrols and residents are reminded not to attract deer by feeding them. some medical marijuana providers plan a fund raiser in san jose today. they are talking about plans for a federal lawsuit against a task force raiding pot clubs in the south bay. the latest raids hit seven different location, all yesterday. the issue is marijuana being sold to people who are not allowed to buy it. >> they completely thrashed this place. >> reporter: in the south bay,
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another mouth, another round of drug raids. >> cut down all the plants, just left husks. >> reporter: law enforcement officers smashed up marijuana grow houses and took plants. they seized evidence and detained people at seven different locations in san jose and morgan hill. but the truth is as hazy as ever. >> these raids are illegal and unjust. and if you look deeper into it, you will see the truth. >> reporter: david hodge, spokesman for the medical marijuana union says the clubs were serving patients and patients only. >> 100%. did everything above board, definitely one of the most legitimate dispensaries in san jose. >> reporter: law enforcement officers say this is the culmination of an eight-month investigation where they watched the operators sell pot to people who weren't patients and then launderer the money and keep it for themselves. >> they are conducting
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investigation. >> reporter: the specialized enforcement team, a task force made up of local police officers made it a point to say they are specifically looking for financial documents and evidence of money laundererring. they are insist they are not targeting legitimate businesses and they respect california's medical marijuana laws. >> and now i have to find another place to get my medicine. >> reporter: joe who didn't want to show his face on camera, came only to be disappointed. he broke his wrist and neck in a motorcycle crash and now smokes medical marijuana for pain relief. >> this is ininconvenient for you? >> oh, yeah, i need medicine and now they're closed. as far as i knew, they were by the book. well, this morning there will be a hearing in san francisco on a plan by governor arnold schwarzenegger to sell state buildings and then lease them back. in a lawsuit, critics of the plan say it's unconstitutional and will cost the state more
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money than it saves in the long run. the plaintiffs are two business men who the governor dismissed from the los angeles state building authority last spring. 4:35. she went to the dmv for a license and ended up getting a nasty letter she claims was a personal attack. and now she is suing. she has completed several years transitioning from a man to a woman. she went to the dmv, filed a dockment and soon after, got a letter allegedly from the clerk who helped her. >> essentially telling me that i am, you know, what i am doing is evil, that i'm going to hell. that i should die. >> it's inconceivable that they would allow someone who discriminated against to continue to have access to public and private information. >> no one at the state level office would respond to request for comment. president barack obama still trying to get many democrats onboard with his new
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tax cut proposal. house democrats say there will be no vote until tax cuts for wealthy are scaled back. the package is moving forward. >> reporter: the new tax cut proposal is up for debate many the senate, but house democrats refuse to budge. >> our caucus will not submit to hostage taking and we will not submit to this deal. sit not acceptable to the house democratic caucus. >> reporter: thursday, angry democrats insisted the deal wouldn't hit the house floor without major changes. the biggest sticking point, an extension of bush era tax cuts for families making more than $250,000. and a lower estate tax. in an interview, the president sounded optimistic the plan's major components would survive. >> keep in my opinion, we didn't actually write a bill. we put forward a frame work. >> reporter: the senate move add head thursday after the
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white house sweetened the deal for democrats with tax cuts on clean energy. a test vote is set for monday. republicans are expected to largely approve the plan they say is essentially to boosting the economy. but many democrats argue more help should go to those who need it most. >> our job here, i know it's a shocking idea, is to represent the middle class and working families, not just millionaires and billionaires. >> reporter: if congress doesn't get the job done by the end of the m taxes will rise -- month, taxes will rise by average of 3,000 dollars per household. and another check of and traffic. fog and more rain today. i thought we were going to have a nice sunny weekend. >> i know. what's the deal? >> i start the weekend on friday, don't you? >> yeah. but no one said we weren't going to have a nice weekend. calm down, folks. a little fog and rain fall. but otherwise, it's going to be
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nice. it is essentially just drizzle for the morning. let's take a look. we do have cloudy conditions, some fog, as well as drizzle. temperatures in the mid-50s to near 60 degrees. and we keep a 20% chance of showers in the forecast, but some sunshine and highs in the mid-60s. i know robert, they're on the edge of the seat, they want to see the weekend forecast. i will have the seven-day forecast in a few moments. i think you're going to like it. >> thank you. i think we're going to go live to sunnydale? no, we're not. wilson avenue northbound ramp to highway 37, an overturned car. everything is off to the shoulder. but an ambulance is heading to the scene as a precaution. emergency crews may have to block a lane. that's the wilson avenue onramp. several reports of spinouts across the area. very misty, a lot of fog. and wet pavement as you can see
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as you cross the golden gate bridge. so far, traffic is light. no big delay there. is what it looks like, a ghostly image toward the bay bridge toll plaza this morning. and the fog advisory in effect between san francisco and oakland. and updated on this, dealing with a power pole fire northbound 101. sounds like they're waiting for pg ande to get onscene. fire crews are onscene there. is what it looks like, the transformer is on fire. creating a lot of heavy sparks as you pass on northbound 101. again, no longer lanes blocked, just a big visual distraction this morning. we will follow that. in the meantime, back to you. >> thank you. >> you can see cars still streaming by on 101. but again, they're worried about power lines and what is affected in the area. try to avoid that area and
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they'll get utility crews there as soon as possible. >> and we are being told that firefighters cannot address the fire until the power company is in place to actually knock out the power to the location. if you are on 101 or traveling near, that's the location that you should be looking out for this morning. on the right side, right track, i should say, a surge of cash. plus, back on the job. where you can catch this famous fire santa at his new gig tonight. and lebron james putting the bay area many the spotlight with a new television commercial. why some hollywood magic may leave fans days pointed. -- fans disappointed. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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back out to 101 in sunny vail near matilda. a transformer box fire has just
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been put out. it was sending out dramatic fireworks. >> the good news is, firefighters are on the scene. what was of concern just a few minutes ago was that there was still active power running to the transformer. firefighters were unable to move in because they were, you know, still in a dangerous situation. but the good news is, the power has been removed from the scene there. is an image from the transformer fire just seconds ago. a dynamic scene. almost looking like fireworks in the area. to reiterate, this was near matilda just off 101. the fortunate news at this moment, the power has been shut off to the location. firefighters have been able to move in. and yet again, a fairly safe scene out. >> there good news for them. >> absolutely. well, how can santa start a bunch of fireworks? he did. santa fired from the macy's in union square for telling what
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some people say was a naughty joke. he starts a new job today. he will be at a pub just down the street starting tonight at 5:00 to listen to christmas wishes while the adults grab a drink. he will be there seven days a week from 3:00 to 8:00 p.m. visitors are asked to bring along a new unbrand toy to donate to firefighters toy drive. 4:44. federal transportation officials are providing an additional $600 million to california for high-speed rail construction. the funds are part of a redirection from wisconsin and ohio to states more eager to build rail lines. and california is getting biggest chunk, $624 million. construction is expected to start in 2012. and service between the bay area and los angeles could start by 2020. and we're already starting to watch what might be happening on wall street later
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in the day. s&p futures are up this morning. new poll numbers showing there is continued economic anxiety for a majority of americans. her is alexis christoforous with this morning's business brief. >> reporter: most americans say they are worse off since president barack obama took office two years ago. a new poll find 1% of americans think -- finds 51% of americans think their situation has worsened. and about 65% believe the country is headed in the wrong direction. on wall street, stocks were mixed despite news that fewer americans applied for unemployment benefits last week. the nasdaq moved up 7.5. american's wealth grew 2.2% over the summer as people's portfolios surged. the federal reserve household net worth rose to nearly $55 trillion last quarter. it's the value of assets such
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as homes, checking accounts and investments minus debts. and mortgage rates are at a six- month high. the average for a 30-year fixed rate mortgage stands at 4.61%, above the average seen just a month ago. and ford will hire 1800 workers at a plant in kentucky to build the escape. the automakerrer is investing $600 million to overhaul the factory. late next year, ford says it will be one of the most advanced plants in the company. and that's your money watch. for more, head to i am alexis christoforous. you may or may not see one of the biggest and most controversial sports names playing in the bay area this week. we're talking about lebron james. a production company has built a temporary set to film a
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commercial. but rumor has it the company will superimpose james over the extra that's been doing the actual basketball moves. the extra must be good. >> yeah, but okay, so here's the issue, right. lebron james is known for his moves on the court. so why if you're going to pay him millions of dollars do the ad, can't you have him in the ad to begin with? >> because he's busy playing. travelers stuck for more than five hours on the tarmac. why the airline won't be paying a fine. and bringing to light to market street. the plan to take some of the ugly out of san francisco's famous street. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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qantas passengers headed to sydney from s-f-o... electrical problems forced qantas to cancel the a nightmare on the tarmac for passengers trying to fly to sfo. electrical problems forced them toucans it will flight after leaving -- them to cancel the flight after leaving passengers stuck for more than five hours. and then the airline had a hard time to find accommodations. >> well, it's been really rough. i think i feel most sorry for hearing that a lot of people had to sleep on the, at the airport. >> you may recall, new rules put a time limit on tarmac delays. how are, domestic carriers face thousands of dollars in fine if airlines don't let passengerrers off the planes within hours, but the rules do not apry to foreign carrier. >> interesting. i didn't know that. >> i didn't either. british protesters upset
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about a plan to raise tuition fees took out their anger on prince charles. they were in the shopping district last night when demonstrators kicked their car and chanted, off with their head. they were unharmed. protesters smashed windows and police arrested a handful of rioters. the protest broke out after parliament approved plans to triple fees to $14,000 a year. an award ceremony in norway, but no one will be there to accept the award. the nobel peace prize winner is in china and he is accused of plotting to overthrow the government there. and his wife was prevented to going to norway for the award.. well, friday morning, headed out to work on the cusp of a decent weekend and weather- wise this morning, not a lot of
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rain fall, but we have drizzle out there. fog again in the forecast this morning and cloudy conditions. temperatures along the coast, mid to upper 50s as well as the bay. and essentially the same temperatures inland for this morning. for the afternoon, sun and clouds expected, but a small chance of a passing shower, 20%. not a great likelihood that's going to happen, but we will keep it in the forecast just in case. we don't have the nerve to take it out. highs today expected to be in the mid-60s. our satellite and radar, and we are still seeing that nice flow. everything move from you west to east. still have clouds being pushed into the bay area. that's going to keep the slim chance of showers in the bay area. but it will be changing. it will be moving just in time for the weekend. that high pressure system is going to build in and shift the flow just to the north a bit and dry weather building in for the weekend. nice temperatures too. rain and snow mix for today as well as for tomorrow.
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after that, as you move into sunday, sunny skies. speaking of sunny skies, take a look at our weekend forecast. saturday, sound and monday temperature -- saturday, sunday and monday, temperatures on the fringe. and another round of showers back in the bay area tuesday, wednesday and also thursday as temperatures cool down just a bit. this weekend, oakland zoo is called zoo lights. if you're thinking about checking it out, sunset is around 4:30. the best chance to see the beautiful lights and temperatures are going to be nice. that's a look at that time weekend as well as your weather forecast. >> thank you. they just issued a traffic alert. the wilson avenue on-ramp to eastbound 37. they had to completely shut down the on-ramp just now. and they won't get it reopened until close to 5:30. there's an overturned car. it was off to the shoulder, but now emergency crews are on the scene, including an ambulance.
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they shut down the entire on- ramp there. they are hoping to have it reopened in the next half hour to 40 minutes or so. in the meantime, westbound 80 actually looks okay. everything is fine all the way down the east shore freeway. and the toll plaza, actually no problems except for a lot of fog this morning. we have a fog advisory that chp issued early this morning. and a lot of fog report add long highway 1. they did cancel an earlier fog advisory for that stretch, but my producer came in earlier this morning and had to travel that route and she says it's very foggy along that stretch of highway 1. and the bridge, visibility is actually better across the san mateo bridge. it's okay on westbound 92 right now toward the peninsula. another wet, soggy start to the morning commute. mass transit may be a good
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option. reporting everything ontime. that's your traffic. back up to you guys. >> thank you very much. sit 4:55. a run down part of san francisco's market street is getting a new look. it's an interactive art project designed to create new life in the depressed area. >> reporter: it's shabby, store fronts are boarded up, and some buildings aban donned for years. -- abandoned for years. now many say it's unsafe, dirty and undesirable. >> it's amazing what we step over on the way to 5th street. sorry. >> reporter: the city is banking on change. with great fanfare, a $250,000 art project was switched on. window art and street
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sculptors. >> is this going to make that big a difference? >> well, you need to start somewhere. and one of the things we wanted to address was the challenge of being in the market, on market street at night. and what better way to sort of fight the fear than with art and light? >> reporter: poetry is projected on the 7th street building. a block away, passer byes can see themselves -- passer-byes can see themselves projected. >> i found this to be like a crazy neighborhood in a nice way. there's a lot of energy here. and then just seeing what stories evolve with these portraits that get projected over the street. >> reporter: do you think this is going to work? >> i have honestly, and i have been cautious as mayor not to overpromise in this area. we have seen these businesses, we got a big art store that just took over, 250,000 square foot retail center is
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happening. i am absolutely convinced for first time that in the next two or three year, this will have transformed. >> some great ideas there. time now is 4:57. pot supporters fight back against police raids. why they say they are being unfairly targeted. letter. one local elementary school neighborhood to be aware of a creepy situation that happened yesterday. plus, she went to the dmv for a got a nasty letter. the personal attack that's raising questions. and another wet start, soggy start to the morning commute. a fog advisory and a traffic alert. much more coming up. ,,,,,,
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